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For individuals who make their own tax finalization directly with tax authorities, the "tax finalization declaration khung No. 02/QTT-TNCN" issued together with Circular No. 92/2015/TT-BTC is an indispensable document in the application. Preliminary settlement. Currently, taxpayers can submit personal income tax finalization documents online. Individuals who vì chưng finalization just need to download the HTKK application to their device, follow the instructions, and then submit it online to lớn the General Department of Taxation portal.

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To assist taxpayers in properly preparing procedures & making finalization declarations, wpcyte.com would like to guide customers to lớn make PIT finalization declarations according to lớn size 02/QTT-TNcông nhân for self-settlement individuals Tax.

Guide individuals khổng lồ self-settle personal income tax & make PIT declaration on KTKK software according to size No. 02/QTT-TNCN

Step 1: Download the software khổng lồ support the declaration of HTKK on Google or visit the website of the General Department of Taxation thuedientu.gdt.gov.vn to lớn download and install. (Be sure to download the latest version!)

Step 2: Install the software, after installing, fill in the information about the individual"s tax code into the software.


Enter personal information in the required fields (marked with *) as shown below:


After entering information inkhổng lồ the NNT information sheet, press the Record button to save the information used for the following declarations. In case the tax finalization has an excess tax that the taxpayer wants to lớn refund, specify the account number. Then, press the Cthua button lớn return to the original screen.

Note: The managing tax agency will be the agencyyou go to submit the PIT finalization file!

To determine where to lớn submit the PIT finalization tệp tin, you can see it here: Determining where to lớn submit PIT finalization documents

Step 3: Select declaration:

The taxpayer selects Personal Income Tax at the main interface và then selects the personal finalization declaration size 02/QTT-TNCN.


Step 4: Make a danh sách of Family deductions for dependents (If the individual has no dependents, skip this danh sách.)

If the individual has dependents, the dependent information will be filled in the List of Family Deductions for Dependents Form 02-1/BK-QTT-TNcông nhân so that the data will automatically jump lớn the declaration.

Noted:– For dependents who have sầu registered và have been granted MST NPT in 2020, please enter your information in section I– For dependents who have not registered until they vì the PIT, please put them in Section II


Conditions for registration of dependents to lớn calculate the family deduction, you can see here: Reducing dependents" family circumstances when finalizing personal income tax

Step 5: Prepare tax finalization declaration:

The taxpayer information will be automatically updated from the taxpayer information entered in step 2.


If the taxpayer has a refunded tax amount, the taxpayer should pay attention lớn fill in thành quả number <12>: Bank tài khoản number and thành tích number <12a>: xuất hiện at – Name of bank and name of branch opening account To be able to receive the overpaid tax amount bachồng lớn the personal ngân hàng trương mục number.

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Taxpayers should note the criteria that usually need to lớn be filled in in the following declaration:

Target <22> – Total taxable income arising in the period: This entry is automatically updated after the taxpayer fills in the targets <23> và <26>Target <23> – Total taxable income arising in Vietnam: This entry is filled with taxable income from salaries và wages with other taxable incomes of the nature of wages và salaries rising in Vietnam.Target <29> – Personal circumstances deduction and Target <30> – Family circumstance deduction for dependents: these two indicators will be updated from the menu 02-1/BK-QTT- TNcông nhân.Target <32> – Deductible premiums: is the total amount of compulsory insurance including social insurance, health insurance, và personal unemployment insurance paid in the settlement year.Target <37> – Tax withheld: is the total amount of personal tax that has been deducted by the company or individual in the year according to the partial progressive rate và the full rate.Target <38> – Temporarily paid tax: is the total tax amount declared by the individual directly to lớn the tax agency và temporarily paid in Vietphái mạnh.

If, after the preparer fills in all the above sầu criteria, Indicator <44> – Total amount of tax still lớn be paid in the period in which the amount appears, then the taxpayer still lacks tax and needs to pay additional tax in the period. State budget.

If there is an amount in Target <45> – Total overpaid tax in the period, in the year the individual has withheld or temporarily paid more tax than the payable tax amount in the year & the taxpayer will be refunded Tax.

Taxpayers who want lớn request to transfer the excess tax amount khổng lồ the tài khoản will fill in Target <47> – Tax refunded khổng lồ the taxpayer"s account. In case the individual does not fill in this target, the refunded tax amount will automatically be carried over khổng lồ the next period lớn offphối the arising (if any).

After completing the declaration, press the Record button, if the software says successful recording, the file will be output, và if there is an error, the error will be reviewed in pink & NNT corrects it.

Instructions on how khổng lồ submit a personal income tax finalization declaration lớn the trang web of the General Department of Taxation

Output: After entering all information and data for the forms, press the record button khổng lồ complete the declaration = press the button khổng lồ print the declaration in 2 copies. Then cliông xã the Render XML button to lớn save sầu this electronic file (don"t change the filename).

Send file: Sover the tax finalization data file to lớn the tax office. Access website https://thuedientu.gdt.gov.vn/. Look to lớn the right of the screen. At the system login section, cliông chồng on "Personal". Then drag the horizontal bar to lớn the top (trang web banner) và cliông xã “Login”



Enter the tax code of the person making the finalizationEnter the verification code (follow the codes on the right side)

=> Then press “Continue”

=> Enter the required information khổng lồ log in khổng lồ the system.


Note: The information you log in here will get the same information as the results you look up here http://tracuunnt.gdt.gov.vn/tcnnt/mstcn.jsp

After logging in, you select "Tax finalization" and the system displays a screen to select declaration information:

Online declaration: Cliông xã here if you make an online declaration without going through the softwareSubmit the tax finalization declaration: Cliông chồng here if you have sầu made the PIT declaration on the software & have sầu exported the file

=> After you have sầu clicked "Send tax finalization file"


The system displays a screen to lớn select declaration information, enter all the information on the screen:

Sender Name (*): Enter the name of the person who sent the declarationLiên hệ address (*): Enter the liên hệ address for the agency to contact when necessary: ​​House number, street/ward, commune/District/CityContact phone (*): Enter contact phone numberThư điện tử Address (*): Enter the E-Mail address, the gmail address must be in the correct structure. Example: abc