Bài tập về mạo từ trong tiếng anh

1. Mạo trường đoản cú là gì?

Mạo trường đoản cú là phần đa tự đứng trước danh từ bỏ, góp người gọi hiểu rằng sẽ là danh trường đoản cú khẳng định tuyệt chưa xác định.Trong giờ đồng hồ Anh, mạo tự (article) được chia thành nhị loại: mạo trường đoản cú xác minh (definite article) the với mạo trường đoản cú ko xác định (indefinite article) a, an.

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Tổng vừa lòng những dạng bài bác tập về mạo trường đoản cú

2. Cách dùng mạo từ a với an

Mạo từ a, an được dùng để làm đề cùa đến sự vật/hiện tượng không cụ thể. a được áp dụng trước prúc âm, an được sử dụng trước nguyên lòng (a, e, i, o, u) hoặc prúc âm gồm âm câm (an hour).Dùng mạo từ a, an trong số ngôi trường hòa hợp sau:

a, an đứng trước sự việc vật/hiện tượng kỳ lạ được đề cập lần đầu. Ví dụ: I live in a house, near a park.Một người/sự vật dụng trong team bự. Ví dụ: He is a student at Greenwich.Dùng nhằm nói tới nghề nghiệp và công việc. Ví dụ: He is an engineer.

3. Tổng phù hợp các dạng bài tập về mạo tự tất cả đáp án

Bài 1: Chọn giải đáp đúng

Danny wanted _____ new bicycle for Christmasa. a b. an c. theJennifer tasted _____ birthday cake her mother had made.a. a b. an c. theThe children have _____ new teacher called Mr. Greena. a b. an c. theAll pupils must obey _____ rulesa. a b. an c. theDad turned on _____ radio to listen khổng lồ _____ newsa. a b. an c. theAlex is in Boston studying for _____ MBAa. a b. an c. theThe teacher read _____ interesting article from the newspaper.a. a b. an c. theThere was _____ huge crowd of people outside the churphụ thân. a b. an c. theJulie talked for _____ hour about her school projecta. a b. an c. the_____ European expert was invited to speak to the committeea. a b. an c. the

Bài 2: Điền mạo từ phù hợp hoặc để trống1. _________ boys lượt thích playing with cars.2. _________ Amazon is South America’s largest river.3. I never listen to lớn _________ radio. In fact, I haven’t even got _________ radio.4. What _________ amazing idea he had yesterday evening.5. _________ rich should vày more khổng lồ help _________ poor.6. My dad always liked lớn go khổng lồ _________ school.7. Did you see the film on _________ television or at _________ cinema?8.

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There’s half _________ litre of milk left in _________ fridge.9. _________ Uncle Norman và _________ Aunt Lydia stayed with us over the weekover.10.Austria was ruled by _________ Habsburgs for many centuries.11.Dad told us to lớn go lớn _________ bed at ten.12.What’s _________ highest mountain on _________ earth?13.I met _________ few American tourists when I was in Italy.14._________ earth moves around _________ sun every 365 days.15._________ Soviet Union was _________ first country khổng lồ sover _________ human being into_________ space.16.I had to lớn stay in _________ hospital for two weeks in order khổng lồ recover.17._________ oranges và apples have sầu a lot of vitamins.18.This is _________ most wonderful present I’ve sầu ever had.19._________ President Bush is from Texas.20. I’m not very hungry. I had _________ big breakfast
" width="750" height="562"/>Bài 3: Điền mạo tự tương thích hoặc nhằm trống1. We had ______ very nice meal. ______ cheese was exceptionally good.2. Are you interested in ______ science or ______ music?3. They got married but ______ marriage wasn’t very successful.4. Do you know any of ______ people who live sầu across ______ road?5. After ______ work the trùm usually invites his staff to lớn ______ pub.6. When mom was ill ______ lot of her friends came to ______ hospital khổng lồ visit her.7. Many people hate ______ violence, but they lượt thích to lớn watch it in ______ movies.8. Have you ever visited ______ Madame Tussaud’s in London?9. ______ life would be difficult without ______ useful machines và gadgets we havetoday.10. I’m on ______ night duty this week.11. I know someone who wrote ______ book about ______ American presidents.12. ______ World War II ended in 1945.13. ______ fumes of cars and factories are ______ primary reasons for ______ air pollution.14. He was ______ unsuccessful musician when he came to this town.15. Don’t stay in that khách sạn. ______ beds there are very uncomfortable.16. The car sped away at ______ hundred km ______ hour.17. John doesn’t usually go lớn ______ church on ______ Sundays.18. He was sent to lớn ______ prison for ______ murder.19. At ______ beginning of his speech he spoke about ______ tourism in general.đôi mươi. We usually go by ______ train, but today we’re taking ______ bus.Bài 4: Điền mạo từ bỏ thích hợp vào chỗ trống1. I went sailing around _____ Lake Geneva2. I’ve been living in _____ London for six years3. _____ Danube runs through many European cities4. Wild horses live in _____ Gobi Desert5. _____ Pacific Ocean has many different types of fish6. I love sầu swimming in _____ Mediterranean7. We spent our holiday on the shore of _____ Lake Windermere8. _____ Nile is a very beautiful river9. She stayed in _____ Belgrade for several weeks10. Her husb& comes from _____ California11. They studied the geology of _____ Sahara Desert12. They crossed _____ Black Sea by boat13. He has always wanted to lớn visit _____ Rome14. She lived in _____ Asia for several years15. _____ Tuscany has many beautiful cities16. I spent a year travelling around _____ Europe17. Her village is near _____ Lake Titicaca18. Would you like lớn visit _____ South America?19. They live near _____ Thamesđôi mươi. I think _____ Cornwall is a very beautiful part of EnglandĐáp ánBài 1: