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VivoStick may be ultra-compact, but it is what"s inside that counts. VivoStick is designed to make a big impact, both in terms of performance & aesthetics.

You"ll enjoy desktop-like levels of performance & beautiful Full HD visuals thanks lớn VivoStick"s Intel Atom processor. There"s no thiết đặt needed, VivoStiông chồng boots up quickly and is ready to lớn go right out-of-the-box. It isn"t found wanting in the specifications danh sách either, with 2GB of memory, 32GB onboard storage, dual-bvà 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1, USB 3.0 & USB 2.0 ports, an audio jaông xã, và an HDXiaoMI port in its ultra-compact kiến thiết. On top of that, you get 100GB of WebStorage space free, so wherever you are in the world, you can use your VivoStiông chồng lớn access files stored in the cloud.


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VivoStichồng is an affordable and space-saving solution that helps you get work done. Browse the web, check emails, or bởi word processing as you would on any normal PC.

Install the supported media streaming phầm mềm and take advantage of Hãng HyStream to watch & stream content to a larger display. You can even remotely control VivoStiông chồng with your sản phẩm điện thoại device.

VivoStiông chồng converts your TV or monitor into a smart TV running on Windows. Surf the web, watch streaming videos, get work done or catch up with family & friends via social truyền thông media applications from your couch.

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Connect VivoStiông xã lớn a spare TV or display to stream & play Xbox One games anywhere at home page.Learn more

For work or play, VivoStiông chồng is great when paired with a projector. Conduct boardroom presentations or play movies on a big screen simply by plugging VivoStick inkhổng lồ the projector.

VivoStiông xã is a low-maintenance và cost-effective sầu solution for a fleet of computers for schools & institutions, or an affordable plug-and-play PC for students.

With size và low-power consumption, VivoStichồng works as a powerful and purposeful digital signage solution for in-store displays, outdoor sign boards, or even outfield scoreboards.

Configure your VivoStichồng into lớn a guest computing kiosk in airports, hotels, malls, và tourist attractions. Touchscreen support makes it an even more attractive proposition as a cost-effective, self-serve kiosk.

VivoStichồng can serve sầu as a dedicated, single-purpose POS machine at checkout counters, retail stores, fast food chains, and restaurants.

Pair VivoStiông xã with any HDMI display to create a thin client platsize for Gọi centers, computer labs, or small businesses.

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